[SOLVED] iCloud Binding - New Device


I am using iCloud for geofencing.
This account includes my son’s and my wife’s phone.
Both are included in “family” settings in icloud.

Recently my wife got a new phone and we share our position in the “find friends” app.
I see the old phone as offline, but cannot add the new one because I don’t know the device ID.

searching for new icloud devices on Paper UI does not help / removing my icloud account and adding it again neither.

Thanks in advance.
Is there a way to find out the Device ID manually?

Did you manage to fix this issue?
I believe there are 2 options:

  1. add the new phone to you Family sharing via your iPhone, remove the old one via your iPhone
  2. add a second icloud account to PaperUI with the account details of your wife’s appleID

Yes, thanks.
I just have deleted the iCloud account and created it again.
Now all the phones are set up correctly.