[SOLVED] IFTT _Items not refreshed


My connection with IFTTT is well working.

i have exposed additional items but they are not visible in IFTTT even after several days.

  1. i have exposed in the checkbox and i have also tried with the expose parameter.

  1. i have removed the connection from IFTTT to open but it did not help

i can see only the items which were exposed in the past

No idea :roll_eyes:

Guys, what I m missing?

Hi Nakh_Home, I just found out that IFTT doesn’t see new items until used.

Try using them and you will see them, I’ve found out from this article http://smarthomeblog.net/openhab-ifttt-integration/ " Keep in mind that the value will not show up in IFTTT until the sensor sends a new value."

I think it would make sense to add to the IFTT/Openhab docs