[SOLVED] Import Google home devices into openhab

I have a Nest 3 learning thermostat and some other devices who are already in google home.
So my question is there a way to connect home to openhab to import the devices into OpenHab.

Not any more. If you were lucky enough to have created a Works with Nest account and API key sometime before last August, you are grandfathered in and can use the Nest binding for at least a few more months. If not, you are out of luck. Google has closed the Works with Nest API and replaced it with the Works with Google API and locked down access to the Works with Google API to only “heavily vetted third party vendors”, i.e. not us. There is some hope that they will open up some sort of individual use API but I would expect that to be sometime at the end of 2020 before we see something like that.

tl;dr: No, Google broke it. All we can do is expose openHAB Items to Google Home/Assistant. It’s one way.

Dehm :frowning: i would make a tradfri switch go on when my nest is heating up but this wil be impossible.
do you have any idee to do this?

No. I’m replacing my Nest.

What system do you advise? i dont like honeywell so i am watching to plugwise but i would like to know what you think.

How about a temp sensor? This will tell if the heater is on?

Need to understand your use case more to help.

hmm not a bad idee.
I wil will try to explain my idee in my best english.

i have my nest thermostat wich wil controle my heating system.
But it is a underfloor heating system with a pomp.
This pomp is on constant power and this is the thing i want to control.
i do have zigbee switch plugs but i don’t know how to build my idee.

if (thermostat) == on
then switch pomp plug to on…

thats the idee, idk if this is posible with the temp sensor

No it would not with a temp sensor.

You could do this with extra electronics you could do one of two things.

  1. Monitor if the thermostat closed the relay. Depending on the access to your heating control system this could be hard or easy.
  2. If you can find a airflow sensor you could put it by the heater output and sense air flowing. This assumes the heater has a fan.

Those are my two thoughts. I don’t know how to describe each solution or if it would work in your system. You would need to search online if someone has done either of these.

I just found a way to communicate with the nest thermostat its only in php because my php skills are oke.
So lets see if i can write it to java. Wish me luck

Thnx for your input.

It depends on what your priorities are. If you want one that looks good, you will be stuck dealing with a cloud service. This was true of Ecobee and Honeywell and a smattering of other good looking WiFi based ones. If you want local control there are Zigbee and Zwave thermostats but they are all pretty ugly and look the same as thermostats from the 1990s.

I opted to back HestiaPi and should have my unit shipped soon (if they stick to schedule). It’s still not super pretty but it’s built with openHAB and I can experiment to build a nicer case or finish the case it comes with a little better (bondo and elbow-grease).