[Solved] Inbox empty - openhab 2.0

Installation of openhab beta5 > works fine and inbox got filled with new things identified, e.g. hue
Installation of openhab 2.0 > inbox empty and does NOT fill, e.g. identify hue, etc…

Is this normal behaviour of version 2.0?

Have done both, oh2 beta5 and oh2 2.0 installation on same hw/sw environment with following manual installation procedure:

for oh2 beta5:
wget https://bintray.com/openhab/mvn/download_file?file_path=org%2Fopenhab%2Fdistro%2Fopenhab-offline%2F2.0.0.b5%2Fopenhab-offline-2.0.0.b5.zip

oh2 2.0.0
wget -O openhab-download.zip https://bintray.com/openhab/mvn/download_file?file_path=org%2Fopenhab%2Fdistro%2Fopenhab%2F2.0.0%2Fopenhab-2.0.0.zip

Got it! Once dedicated bindings are installed manually, inbox gets filled with things automatically :wink:

Hi Jens. I’m an absolute newbie in the OpenHab world :slight_smile: I Have a Problem with my Wemo Switches. On the Paper UI, I Installed the Wemo Add On, but only one of my three switches appeared in my Inbox.
How do I get the other two Wemo Switches?

What type of WeMo devices is missing ?
Are those in the same network like the discovered ones?
You should start a seperate discussion for your issue, tagging as WeMo related.

Hello Hans-Jörg.
Thanks for your quick reply.

I’ve got three Wemo Switches:

They are all in the same network, but only one of my three equal switches appeared in my Inbox.
But as you suggested, I will start a seperate discussion about those switches. Thank you!!

Greetings, Daniel (Germany, Bavaria)