[SOLVED] InfluxDB, second group does not get persisted

Hi Everybody,

openHab 2.3 (release build) with InflufDB persistence and InfluxDB
I have the following persistence definition:

Strategies {
    everyMinute : "0 * * * * ?"
    everyHour   : "0 0 * * * ?"
    everyDay    : "0 0 0 * * ?"
    default     = everyChange

Items {
    gPersistence*    :   strategy=everyChange, restoreOnStartup
    gSoilHumidity*   :   strategy=everyUpdate, restoreOnStartup

The strange thing is, all Items within the group gPersistence get persisted, but the ones in the group gSoilHumidity aren’t.

Group definitions:

Group 						    gPersistence        "Persistence"    
Group                           gSoilHumidity       "Bodenfeuchte"

And the items that are in gSoilHumidity:

Number IrrigationRaisedBedMoistureMin   "min. Bodenfeuchte Hochbeet [%d %%]"        <water>     (gSoilHumidity)
Number IrrigationRaisedBedMoistureMax   "max. Bodenfeuchte Hochbeet [%d %%]"        <water>     (gSoilHumidity)
Number MoistureRaisedBed                "Feuchtigkeit Hochbeet [%d %%]"             <water>     (gSoilHumidity) 

All of those items have valid values and get updated as well:

2018-08-01 18:43:55.629 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'MoistureRaisedBed' received command 63
2018-08-01 18:43:55.658 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - MoistureRaisedBed changed from 62 to 63
2018-08-01 18:43:55.670 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'IrrigationRaisedBedMoistureMin' received command 40
2018-08-01 18:43:55.679 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'IrrigationRaisedBedMoistureMax' received command 70

I’ve also tried with everyChange but it is still the same - and in the end i want to have everyUpdate since two of those items usually do not change but i want to see them as straight lines in grafana.

Does somebody have an idea why this is not working?

Try to restart oH after persistence changes.

Thanks, @hr3 .
I will keep that in mind the next time i’m going to make changes in persistence.

It is working now :slight_smile: