[SOLVED] Innogy binding won't post updates to Central unit

As the title says, the binding was working flawlessly for past couple of months, but suddenly, OpenHAB receives updates from the Central Unit, but when it sends updates to it, the unit simply doesn’t record them. I couldn’t find anything specific in the logs… @oliver_kuhl are you familiar with such behaviour?

the only thing that is different is that recently i updated the firmware of the central unit to latest one (1.913 - I have 7 RSTs in my network…

No I am not. Some questions/comments:

  1. You are using a new SHC 2.0 in the new design? So you are a beta user? I did not know that this is already available.
  2. I updated mine too a couple of weeks ago and everything works in 1.913 -
  3. Everything worked nicely before, right?
  4. Which OH version do you use?
  5. Do I understand it right, that the websocket, which receives changes from the innogy API and updates openHAB is working?
  6. Updates from openHAB (e.g. Basic UI) sent to innogy do not work - devices do not change. Right?
  7. Do you have debug logging enabled? If not, please do it!
  8. Please send me the log entries at the time you do changes via Basic UI.

I made a mistake… I’m not a beta tester of new SHC 2… i have an old one… It was working beautifully (i would say until the last update, or at least then is when i noticed that it’s not working anymore…)

So, to answer your q’s :slight_smile:

  1. no :slight_smile: current version
  2. yes, the same version i run also
  3. it worked before
  4. i’m using 2.4 now, but at the time of reporting the issue i was on a 2.4 snapshot version
  5. yes, openhab is receiving updates from the api. that’s how i found out about the issue, as i set a temperature on one of RST and it received an update couple of seconds later and i noticed that the value is back to ‘old’ one… so i tried again, and same behaviour… i noticed that what openhab is ‘sending’ to central unit, is somehow being ignored or never transferred at all…
  6. correct
  7. i do have it for some time…
  8. innogy-debug.log (32.7 KB) - you have both logs; from basicui and paperui… i hope that you’ll find smth in them :slight_smile:

to be honest, i didn’t try to remove all rts’ from the openhab, and readd them, maybe that would help, but i won’t do it until you tell me to :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply.

What is different from my working installation is that in your case the binding sends the update commands including celsius:

handleCommand called for channel 'innogysmarthome:RST:32b1b33b:6bb...f53:set_temperature' of type 'RST' with command '25 °C'

In my case it would be:

handleCommand called for channel ... of type 'RST' with command '25'

I think this has to do with units of measurements. Do you use those kind of definitions?
I do not and I don’t know, if the binding could handle those units (I never wrote any code regarding this).

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I do use them :confused: Will try to remove them and will let you know the results but I would say you nailed the issue on the head :slight_smile:

@oliver_kuhl as I said, you nailed it :wink: As soon as i removed dimensions (temperature), all started to work as before… I don’t know if this should be handled somehow in future versions of the binding or not, but I’m happy you helped me fixing the issue :slight_smile:

Good to hear!

Yes it should. But it will take some time for me to handle it as I work on a huge update due to major API changes, that has to be done first. Thanks to report this as I didn‘t know about it before.

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