[SOLVED] Installation of Homie binding not offered in PaperUI Add-Ons?

This is my first post in the forum. Please bear with my English!

I have been running 2.5.0~M3-1 since it came out and now I wanted to use the Homie MQTT autodiscovery for a MQTT client I’ve been writing.

However, when trying to find the Homie binding in PaperUI>Add-ons>Bindings,
Homie isn’t offered to me for installation:

A search within the binding sections using “Homie” returns nothing and searching for “MQTT” only offers “binding-mqtt - 2.5.0.M3”, “binding-mqtt1 - 1.14.0.M3” and “binding-mqttitude1 - 1.14.0.M3”.

Does anybody have an idea what I need to do?
Do I need to install the extension manually? Where would I get it from?

[Solved] As described below the documentation was misleading me, actually there is no separate Homie binding…

Now I still have the problem that homie autodiscovery is not working for the data in post 5 below: [SOLVED] Installation of Homie binding not offered in PaperUI Add-Ons?
(although the resulting MQTT messages are validated positive with https://homieiot.github.io/tools)

[Solved] After deleting the deleting from PaperUI, clearing the cache and reinstalling the bindings, the autodiscovery discovered my fake homie device…

When I searched for you, the documentation indicates it uses the binding-mqtt. Search can be your friend :wink:

As a Internet user since its beginning Search actually is a close friend of mine since it gives new insights very often :wink:

So I tried many searches before posting this, amongst them
“openhab mqtt homie binding”. It leads to a dedicated description of the “MQTT Homie Binding”.
Very explicit about it being a dedicated binding is also the page https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/mqtt.homie.
So which page are you talking about?

This is a subsection of the MQTT binding
Install the MQTT binding
Add a bridge thing to your broker
Then add a homie thing, it should be auto detected

Thanks @vzorglub !
Actually, I have the MQTT binding installed and have been using it for a long time.
I now wanted to start my first experiments with Homie auto-detection.

I used the following commands (successfully validated with https://homieiot.github.io/tools):
mosquitto_pub -r -t homie/fftest/\$homie -m 3
mosquitto_pub -r -t homie/fftest/\$name -m FFAlt-Solln
mosquitto_pub -r -t homie/fftest/\$nodes -m wifi
mosquitto_pub -r -t homie/fftest/\$state -m ready
mosquitto_pub -r -t homie/fftest/wifi/\$name -m Network
mosquitto_pub -r -t homie/fftest/wifi/\$properties -m numberclients
mosquitto_pub -r -t homie/fftest/wifi/\$type -m sensor
mosquitto_pub -r -t homie/fftest/wifi/numberclients -m 5
mosquitto_pub -r -t homie/fftest/wifi/numberclients/\$name -m AnzahlClients
mosquitto_pub -r -t homie/fftest/wifi/numberclients/\$datatype -m integer
mosquitto_pub -r -t homie/fftest/wifi/numberclients/\$settable -m false
… but auto-detection doesn’t bring anything to the inbox :frowning:

Could somebody please try these on their installation and see whether it works?! Thanks!

According to the homie specs these should happen within a very tight and defined timeframe. Is that the case?

Yes, since I have the commands bundled in a script.

I don’t use homie myself. @David_Graeff do you know how to do this?


What is not working? What broker do you use? Please show a log.

What is not working?

The autodiscovery using the “mosquitto_pub” Statements shown in the post towards the beginning of this thread is not working, i.e. nothing shows up in the Inbox (although other items from other bindings sometimes show up)

What broker do you use?

Mosquitto (package installed by Openhabian)

Please show a log.

I dont have one from Openhabian (what would I have to log),
“mosquitto_sub -v -t homie/#” gives:
homie/fftest/$homie 3
homie/fftest/$name FF-Alt-Solln
homie/fftest/$nodes wifi
homie/fftest/$state ready
homie/fftest/wifi/$name ClientNetwork
homie/fftest/wifi/$properties numberclients
homie/fftest/wifi/$type sensor
homie/fftest/wifi/numberclients 5
homie/fftest/wifi/numberclients/$name AnzahlClients
homie/fftest/wifi/numberclients/$datatype integer
homie/fftest/wifi/numberclients/$settable false

homie/fftest/$homie 3

Does that work with the validation tool on the homie website? Afaik the version follows the major.minor pattern and openHAB would require it in that case.

Hi David,
Thanks for your interest/help.

Does that work with the validation tool on the homie website?

Yes, it does validate with “3”, “4”, “3.0” and “4.0”, as I indicated in the last line of my first post :wink:

However: I had success fixing yesterday, by deleting all bindings from PaperUI, clearing the cache and the reinstalling my bindings (including MQTT). Now I don’t know what caused my problem in the first place, but at last I can say that simple “faking of autodiscovery” using a script with mosquitto_pub does work!.
Thanks to all maintainers and volunteers for your energy!

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