[SOLVED] Installing Chomecast snapshot in 2.5.0 M1


When installing the snapshot binding for chromecast in the 2.5.0 M1 build, I’m getting the following. osgi.wiring.package; filter:="(&(osgi.wiring.package=su.litvak.chromecast.api.v2)(&(version>=0.11.0)(!(version>=1.0.0))))"

Is this to be expected? When I go to install after playing the new jar in the addons folder it just grabs the M1 release.

There are some fixes in the newer binding which I was testing with the dev at the time, but noticed its no longer using that binding.

If its a problem with m1 and the snapshot bundle, does anyone know if snapshot builds are stable enough again after the esh merge? It’s the only reason I downgraded. :slight_smile:


Expected since your OH does not pick up the latest feature-file