[SOLVED] Interfacing Options in openhabian-config

deConz requires enabling Serial Port through Interfacing Options in the rasp-config. I used Openhabianpi, hence, no raspi-config.

How can I enable the port?

I have searched, but couldn’t find answer.

I flashed the latest image then upgraded to the 2.5.0M2

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I think it is solved (hardware is recognized) by adding


at the end of




I got the problem that I can’t connect with SSH anymore. I came along you video and did all the steps to upgrade the system and installing mqtt and so on, but didn’t move the system to USB flash drive. After rebooting, the raspi is working fine. It’s connected to my TV via hdmi, so I can see it’s output and login there. But when I try to connect via SSH, I just get to the point to type in the login and then the password. After hitting enter, nothing happens anymore. Do you have any idea what’s going wrong there?
Sarkari Result 192.168.l.l

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