[SOLVED] Is @discobot dead?

@discobot display help

@Kai @ThomDietrich is Discobot offline on purpose?
I just registered as new user and there is also no invitation for the basic tutorial.

Yes, afair, I directly disabled it after it was introduced as it created some annoying posts.
If you think it is worthwhile to have, I have just enabled it, but kept public posts still disabled.

@Kai i think new user can find some good info in the two tutorials. Which could also be adapted.

What would improve the Forum a lot would be to add some information on how to use the code fences and the buttons in the beginner Tutorial. As it seems that new user mostly don’t know how this works.

Just send @discobot a private message with one of the following lines as content.
@discobot display help.
@discobot start new user
@discobot start advanced user

I also think that the messages of discobot in the forum are not beneficial, but as an introduction tool and a guided howto it can increase the learning curve of how to use the forum. Additional with some changes to fit the needs of the openhab user it would help to avoid continuous briefing for the same things like code fences etc …

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