[SOLVED] Is Google TTS API free of charge for use in openHAB


I have a question i can’t find a clear answer to on the internet or openHAB forum

is Google TTS API free of charge for use in openHAB?

In the documentation I read “Make sure that billing is enabled for your project”.

there is a long document about "Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service "

I found this link https://cloud.google.com/text-to-speech/pricing

How do I interpret that data ?

Function Monthly free tier

Default voices (non-WaveNet) 0 to 4 million characters
WaveNet votes 0 to 1 million characters

Paid use

$ 4.00 USD / 1 million characters
$ 16.00 USD / 1 million characters

In which situation should we pay?

when you exceed (the first free) 4 Million (non-WaveNet) or 1M Wavenet characters in TTS per month (extremely difficult to reach those numbers)

The info is on the page that you linked

there are also quotas: https://cloud.google.com/text-to-speech/quotas

If you send using a rule the following:

rule    "Voice Testing Rule"
		Item    Voice_Robot     changed from OFF to ON  
		say("Hello from openHAB!", "googletts:enGBWavenetA", "webaudio")

This will count for 19 characters (Wavenet type)
to exceed 1 million characters, you would need to send this string (Hello from openHAB!) 52.632 times within 1 month :slight_smile:

Anyway, for official clarifications on their pricing policy, you should contact Google

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Thanks for the clear explanation.
I read the page in Dutch and was not sure if my inter- peration was correct.

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No you’ll still not exceed it because the synthesized audio will be cached by the add-on. :slight_smile: