[Solved] Is home.myopenhab.org down?

True…I would reply in that thread for Kai to fix the first post
Actually, from the first post, only https://www.openhabfoundation.org/members/membership.html gives a 404 I think. All others are ok.

Hi All,
myopenhab.com is still down. Click on:

You are using openHAB 2.x. Click here to access your openHAB’s dashboard

Will result in a 504 Gateway Time-out

and Google Home integration does not work

that link just gives me :cry: Should it be .org and not .com ?


Correct is .org


but sesult is the same, 504 Gateway Time-out

504 Gateway Time-out

nginx/1.10.0 (Ubuntu)

Mmmm… It seems that the NGINX proxy that gives access to our local openHAB installations through the cloud connection is saturated or out of service. Could it be an attack?

They are looking into this.

It’s more complex than just adding more hardware… see this (from Nov/17)

Its a year old thread… ??
I dont think it explain these last coupple of days where things respons from the server is either very slow or not functioning at all. Something seem like have happen 2-3 days ago. In the same periode, the new release of the Android App was released. Maybe this is where problems started.

it has nothing to do with timing
similar problems existed last year and in my view… the underlying problem is:

community contribution to the development and improvement of the myopenhab platform … a contribution which is almost non-existent… (either technical or financial)

the same people are struggling to find free time to improve the platform which is enjoyed by more and more (especially with the popularity of voice control) with a very small minority supporting the foundation :stuck_out_tongue:

disclaimer: this is my personal opinion and I don’t represent the foundation. I am simply a regular member.

No quick fix then.

I dont disagree with you. The problem is, people are reporting problems for two days now. When noone answers, how are they/we suppose to know anything?

Linking to a year old thread may assume things was fixed sometime back then. At least thats what I assumed.

I know every developer in this are struggling to find free time to improve the system. And I really do apprciate their effort. But if its a question of supporting the foundation, then someone has to speak up! Right now we´re alot of user just trying to understand whats going on. If the answer to getting myopnehab to run smoothly, is to support the foundation, then so be it. But someone has to speak up. I didn´t know, untill lately!

From what I know the team is working hard to fix the issues (I saw them working on it at 6am CET). I don’t know the details or the root-cause of the problem or how long it will take to fix it. If I find out something, I will reply here. I agree that it would be best if there was an “official” announcement.

Regarding support (just using logic and common sense): “The more, the merrier” they say :slight_smile:
In general:
The more techies and developers looking into the code of https://github.com/openhab/openhab-cloud and discussing infrastructure options will improve the architecture and performance
The more regular members subscribing to the foundation will provide funds for more computing resources as needed.

I don’t know if the central team needs additional resources in this specific moment to fix faster the problems. I don’t think so. I believe that the challenge is finding free time to troubleshoot and solve the technical issues.

Anyway, many people are affected by this situation and I am sure that it will be resolved soon.
It seems that the workload on the servers has increased significantly recently.


Which, to my understanding, is what many seems to be waiting for.

I know, (now). Untill recently I thought the foundation was business/commercial purpose only. Apparently I didnt pay enough attention to this matter.

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The cloud service does not work for me either, it’s strange but the only things that arrive are notifications.

I also have lost the connection to the dashboard. Notifications work but Alexa can’t access the system and the mobile app won’t work in remote mode.

Good luck to the hard working volunteers working on the cloud service!

Same here, on iPhone (app) the connection timed out but the access through the browser works fine. There is something strange I noticed: I created a new user and the new user is able to connect on iPhone (app) but if I switch back to my main user it stops working with a timeout again. Its reproducible for me.

Same problem here, running Openhab 2.3.0-1
I can see Items, Event Log and Notifications, but the dashboard fails to load with 504 error as above.
Has been working for over a year up until yesterday.

Same problem here and I have posted an issue in github here https://github.com/openhab/openhab-cloud/issues/221
One more thing, I noticed that notifications are working fine but the only problem is loading the dashboard and it’s only happened after updating the mobile app.
I am not an expert but I hope my point of view will help in any way.


Well, not the only problem. I can’t access items using RestFUL API and cloud service either. So, I suppose it’s not Android app problem.

Best regards,

Also having issues connecting with google home but when looking at https://status.openhab.org/ it says there aren’t any issues.

I think the success of Alexa and Google home integrations are putting quite a bit of stress on the myopenhab. I have no idea whether the openhab team pusbishes stats and whether this is a true assumption.

In case it is would it be an option to make these integrations subscription based, even if just a small fee like 1€/month. I’m sure a lot of people using Alexa and Google home would be happy to pay a small monthly fee provided the platform is maintained and scaled properly. Depending on the usage (so some stats would be great) those subscription fees could even be used to pay development resources for those bindings.

Hope I’m not upsetting anyone by suggesting subscription in an opensource environment but it could be a way to keep the model sustainable.