[SOLVED] Is the temperature data from Ecobee 3 read from the actual device or ecobee.com?

I am just starting to look at and try to use openHAB. First post! :slight_smile: I need to know if when I link my ecobee 3 thermostat to openHAB - am I getting the temp data directly from the thermostat - or is it being pulled from ecobee.com? I have a home automation system in place right now - but it is getting the thermostat ambient temperature (room temp) from ecobee.com after the thermostat updates ecobee.com with its readings. I need to eliminate ecobee.com from the mix and use the temperature directly from the ecobee thermostat itself. Is that able to be done using openHAB? Thanks!

To the best of my knowledge, most everything (including the temp) is coming from ecobee.com. I’m not aware of any way to get information directly from the thermostat (unfortunately).

That’s a shame. Ecobee.com has been having server issues for weeks now and I have a smart devices solution in place with them, IFTTT, and apilio to automate some ventilation systems - but it has been having real problems due to their server issues. I’m actually in the process of building my own Raspberry Pi solution using my own temp sensors and relays as a result. I was hoping to use openHAB as an intermediate step to help solve my problem - plus I like it from the standpoint of managing my local devices directly - and the ability to design sofisticated rules.

I am getting ready to experiment with the same setup. I have openHAB2 running off a RPI3, and have all my six sensors set up and showing in Basic UI, and available to the rules engine. I also have an Aeotec Multisensor connected with its temperature data available, which I believe would be a ‘local’ solution. I plan to set up rules that trigger some of my home automation (lights, fan, etc) based on changes in temperature data from the two sensor types to evaluate response times and reliability.


Yeah, the openHAB route has been a parallel project to try to get the temp data from the Ecobee direct instead of from their web site. I am in the process of building my own control system with a RPi 3B+, and 8-channel relay to control fans, 4 DHT22 temp/humidity sensors, plus… This will all be hardwired directly to the RPi so it can control everything without any concerns of network connectivity or home automation issues. But, I’m going to have it sub/pub with MQTT so that I can remote control it with openHAB and monitor its state and sensors values. I was hoping to be able to do a quick temp solution with rules using my smart plugs (currently powering the fans) based on temp from the ecobee thermostat - but as their website is having issues that that is where openHAB gets its data for the thermostats - it has made that a non-option. The other issue is that it doesn’t appear that there is a binding for my smart outlets either - which knocks that option out even more. I guess I will have to let things run as they are until I finish my RPi system controller build and code it properly. :frowning: But, it will be very nice when it is done :slight_smile: