[SOLVED] ITEM file: adding a demo switch in a group

Good day,

i have resetted my RPI and try to write my own sitemap and item file.
Also been testing and playing around to much so could use the reset.
Kept my old files to have an example :slight_smile:

My sitemap file looks great and seems to be working well.
Now i would like to add my items and rooms but i can not seem to get this working.
My “Gelijksvloers” stays empty.
Could you tell me what is wrong here please?
I have 1 group in the sitemap (Gelijksvloers) and would like to add 1 room (Inkom) with 1 demo button in this.

Thank you!

Because your group is not named “Gelijksvloers”, but “GV_Inkom”. Change it to that.
Also it would be better if you use code fences, rather than screenshotting everything.

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Hey Kristof,

thx for the reply.
I dont think i completely get you.
GV_Inkom should be a sub group for my “Gelijksvloers”.
so in the basicUI i should first see “Gelijksvloers”, after clicking on this i would like to see “Inkom” and then after clicking again i would like to have the button.
so Place - room - button

i thought i had to define my items in the new group that then point to my “Gelijksvloers” in the sitemap.

this is my sitemap file:

sitemap home label="Home"
    Frame label="Plaatsen" {
        Group item=Gelijksvloers label="Gelijksvloers" icon=groundfloor
        Group item=Eersteverdieping label="1ste Verdieping" icon=firstfloor
        Group item=Zolder label="Zolder" icon=attic
	    Group item=Buiten label="Buitenshuis" icon=garden
    Frame label="Items" {
        Group item=Lichten label="Lichten" icon=lightbulb
        Group item=Rolgordijnen label="Rolgordijnen" icon=rollershutter


And this is my item file:

Group Home "Home" <huis>
Group GV "Gelijksvloers" (Home)

Group GV_Inkom "Inkom" (Home, GV)
Switch DEMOSW "demo switch" (GV_Inkom)

Thx for the code fence tip!
Didnt know.

Oh, it is clear now what you want to achieve. Everything seems fine. However again, you use the label of your group not the name.

GV: Item name
“Gelijksvloers”: label

So change it in the sitemap:

Group item=GV

You don’t need a label that there, it will get the label from your item file. Also you can specify the icon in the item file, so it will be represented everywhere in your setup. Like this:

Group GV "Gelijksvloers" <groundfloor> (Home)
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Hey Kristof,

spot on.
That is indeed the solution, GV did not exist.

Thank you for the swift responses!

Your welcome!
I have also learned a few new words in Dutch :wink:


Glad i could teach you something aswell then :slight_smile:
I wouldnt mind to leave it in English but i am afraid not everyone that lives here would appreciate that.