[SOLVED] Item for shelly on with embedded mqtt broker

hello @ all
i try to operate my new shelly one by openhab2. I updated openhab to 2.4, installed the mqtt binding and set up a broker this way:

I added a chanel and the shelly one can be switched via the paper ui.
I read a lot posts and discussions, but found only examples with broker set ups via things file. I’m completely confused about creating a item.
I would be happy if any one can tell me how to define the item.
this is what i tried until now:
Switch Shelly_ONE_Kueche { mqtt=">[broker:shellies/shelly1-XXXXXX/relay/0/command:command:*:MAP(shelly.map)],<[broker:shellies/shelly1-XXXXXX/relay/0:state:MAP(shelly.map)]" }
-> did not work also with different map files and installed map transformation

Switch Shelly_ONE_Kueche { channel=“mqtt:topic:be63cb29:Shelly_Kueche:switch” }
-> likewise a failure

thanks a lot in advance

Then you’ve done the hard part already.

That is the old MQTT1 syntax. You just need to link to the right channel.

Define failure. Show your Thing. Your Channel ID appears to have one too many fields.

Switch aMBR_Lights "Master Bedroom Lights" &lt;light&gt; [ "Lighting" ] { channel="mqtt:topic:mbr-lights:mbr-lights" }

Thank you for your fast reply.
It works. Just the “switch” was to much. Didn’t expect that’s easy like this. Please can you also explaine what this code does? [quote=“rlkoshak, post:2, topic:68258”]

Many thanks


should look like:


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Ah ok :+1:
Got it. THX
I think problem has been ultra fast solved