[SOLVED] Item http binding

Hi, i have a problem with my sitemap and http binding!

On the first image is the value of temperature i want openhab to display on the sitemap, and on the second image is the displayed value on the sitemap…and i want to ask why is this comma appear on it instead of the dot?


Number HTTPstring1 "HTTP [%.2f °C]" { http="<[*))]" }




You need to change your locale:
In openHAB:
PaperUI -> Configuration -> System -> Regional Settings -> Country/Region

If that doesn’t work you need to do that at OS level.
And that depends of your OS. What are you running?

Tried it with openhab and nothing…so i suppose i must go to OS level as you told me

Windows 10

Can’t help you there, I haven’t been near windows for 3+ years


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Done! Thanks a lot!