[SOLVED]Item not displaying data


I have a item in my .items file:

Number conductivity "Soil Conductivity/Fertility [%d µS/cm]" <npk> {channel="mqtt:topic:broker:miflora:floraC4:7C:8D:66:DB:F0conductivity"}

In the .things file i havce:

Type number : conductivity "conductivity" [stateTopic="flora/C4:7C:8D:66:DB:F0/conductivity"]

And in the sitemap i have:

Text item=conductivity

I did not post the complete file, as everything else in the file works.
I do see the item in my sitemap. But i am not receiving the data.
Now i think it has to to with the MAC address i use in my MQTT topic.

How do i get the data to be displayed on my sitemap ?

Greeting diado

The channelyou have given in your Item definition is certainly wrong. There’s probably a message about that in your openhab.log

Not enough info to tell you what it should be - but look in your PaperUI for the topic Thing you created your channel under, look under that for your channel, and see what it is called. Paste that into your Item channel=



Thanks for the reply.
Its now working!

I needed to be

Number conductivity "Soil Conductivity/Fertility [%d µS/cm]" <npk> {channel="mqtt:topic:broker:miflora:conductivity"}


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