[SOLVED] Just getting Started - Zwave

Alright everyone, I’m struggling to get rolling here. :slight_smile: I am pretty proficient at linux so I just setup my first openhab server and a loaded the zwave binding. I have a AeoTec Gen5 stick. Everything works fine actually. Also loaded Habmin and it can see everything.

I have a Leviton DZS15 switch installed on my front Porch light as my only zwave device at the moment. It’s already included. I dont have a clue if this is even configured right, but I ready up on as much as I could and this is what I came up with.

My item file.

Switch Z_FrontPorch label="Front Porch" { zwave="2:command=switch_binary" }

My Sitemap

sitemap home label="home"
  Frame label="Lights" {
      Switch item=Z_FrontPorch label="Front Porch"

What in the world am I doing wrong here. :grinning: I flip the switch in the web client and I get nothing. I’m tailing the log and don’t even get a mention of it.

And please let me thank everyone in advance for my ignorance.


I don’t have your switch, but I do have an Aeon Labs switch.
Your .items and your .sitemap entries look ok to me.
Here’s something that I did - not sure if it was necessary … go to habmin and ensure that your switch is associated with your z-wave controller:


Thanks for your reply Paul. I don’t show a associated groups in my Habmin like yours at the moment. Besides “including” is there something else I need to do?

Thanks again!

Btw, I just noticed the Node Name is Asian Charecters. It used to just say Node 2. I may have to exclude and re-include maybe… Or is there any way to rename it?

Nevermind my last reply. I found the xml file for the node and cleared out the name tag and restarted openhab and now were back to Node1 and Node2.