Hi i’m new to OPENHAB and trying to find some info about the KMTronic 8 Relays configuration.
Is there somebody who’s using this with OpenHab2 ?
I’t a wired unit with 8 relays wich connect via LAN
Here’s more info:
UDP Relay board is developed for software control.
For control via Web Browser - Windows Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome… we recommend WEB version.

A general purpose LAN Relay controller.
• Fully assembled and tested.
• Each relay has an LED to indicate when it is operated.
• Relay outputs can be used to turn ON/OFF lights, motors and other devices.


Complete including:

  • One LAN Eight relay controller

Required power:
12VDC / 1000 mA.

Relays have Normally Open (NO) and
Normally Closed (NC) Contacts each capable of switching max:

  • 12VDC/15A
  • 24VDC/15A
  • 125VAC/15A
  • 250VAC/10A


Default Settings:
IP address:
Webserver Port: 80 (for initial configuration with username/password)
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
UDP Port: 12345
Username: admin
Password: admin

Reset to Default Settings:
Hold Reset button for 10 seconds

UDP Commands:
FF0000 - Status Read command (ASCII encoding)

FF0100 - Relay 1 OFF command (ASCII encoding)
FF0101 - Relay 1 ON command (ASCII encoding)

FF0200 - Relay 2 OFF command (ASCII encoding)
FF0201 - Relay 2 ON command (ASCII encoding)

FF0800 - Relay 8 OFF command (ASCII encoding)
FF0801 - Relay 8 ON command (ASCII encoding)

FFE000 - All relays OFF command (ASCII encoding)
FFE0FF - All relays ON command (ASCII encoding)

UDP Test Software example including source code (C#):

Use the UDP/TCP binding:

ok , tested with http bindings and it’s working

//kmtronic switches

Switch Relay5 { http=">[ON:POST:http://admin:admin@] >[OFF:POST:http://admin:admin@]"