[SOLVED] KNX and Google assistant


I have knx set up in openhab 2 and can control all as intended.

I have created a account at myopenhab.org and its working good.

But when a try to link it to Google I get nothing.

I only use paper Ui, guess I need to set tags for Google to read. But how do I make them in paper Ui?

If I remember correct, could be wrong as I don’t use google, the latest version of OH will allow you to create tags via PaperUI. Try searching the forum for “PaperUI tags” to verify.

If this is not available or your using OH 2.3 or older and do not want to update then create the item in your items file. This file for Linux is located at etc/openhab2/items and add the tag like.

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:slightly_smiling_face::+1: Searched for paperui tags and found that I could use REST API to assign tags, and now it works! Ty.

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