[SOLVED] Kwikset 914 Zwave Lock Supported Fully?

Hello. I’ve seen a number of posts regarding folks using the Kwikset zwave locks, specifically the 914. With the current release (or development) zwave libraries, is secure inclusion and lock state updates working? I recall that there is an “alarm” channel which would update when the lock changed state, but there was a rule hack of some sort needed to make it work. Apparently this channel was not in the zwave library?

Can someone in the know please clue me in?


Yes, support for the security command class was added to the baseline prior to 2.4 release. I have two Kwickset 910s working in my configuration.

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Ah, cool. And can you comment on the lock state channel? Has that been implemented? Thanks.


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Awesome! Thanks!

Do you need to have a controller to control the lock or could you get openhab to do it on its own?

You need a zwave dongle of some sort, but other than that you can do it all with Openhab. No need for a proprietary hub or gateway.