[Solved] Kwikset Kevo Plus

I wrote an MQTT bridge to Kwikset Kevo Plus. It allows you to display lock status and lock / unlock the lock via OpenHAB. I’ve used this “binding” to make sure my door is locked when I go to bed.

Please find instructions at: https://github.com/salanki/kevo-mqtt.

I use the following rule to lock the door automatically after 20 minutes. The built in Kevo auto-lock locks after 15 seconds, which is too aggressive for me. I also can’t use the expire binding as the kevo integration updates the lock state every 3 minutes, which resets the expiry bindings timer.

val lockAfter = 20
var Timer lockTimer = null

rule "Lock Open"
    Item DoorLock changed to OFF
    if (lockTimer !== null) {

    lockTimer = createTimer(now.plusMinutes(20), [|
        lockTimer = null

    logInfo("lock", "Lock unlocked, locking in 20min")

I saw it somewhere, but I myself have not checked it yet.


Oh nice. Thank you

I am very new to OpenHab. I am running OpenHabian on a RP3. I have installed both Mosquito Broker and MQTT client on my OpenHabian install.

I have 2 Kevo locks ad the Kevo Plus Bridge in my house. I am attempting to setup the Kev integration as my first OpenHab object.

Could someone direct me the steps with directions as to where each step occurs to activate the Kevo integration?

For instance, the code block above, where does this go in the system?
In the Usage with OpenHAB section on the GitHub site, where does the settings for the MQTT bindings go? The Kevo.py python file?

Bump please. Looking for a how to guide to add the Kēvo binding to my openhabian installation please.