[SOLVED] Latest Update Broke My Icons

Since I updated earlier today all my png icons have failed. I checked in PaperUI/config/services/ui and the bitmap icon option has been removed from both ClassicUI and BasicUI.

Everything worked fine after the initial upgrade to OH-2.5.0-1, but this latest upgrade (2.5.1-2) is no good for me. I put a huge slice of time in creating my icon sets to my taste.

How can I roll back to the previous version (2.5.0-1), I’ll then implement a ‘apt-mark hold’ on that version so nothing else breaks on me.

Thanks in advance.

Curious. Nothing was changed in openhab-core. Perhaps @Kai has some ideas?

Thanks Bruce, but something must’ve changed somewhere. The previous version still allowed you to choose vector or bitmap icons in PaperUI config, (the only reaon I ever use that btw), that choice no longer exists. I might try flushing tmp and cache and see what happens.

Since upgrading to 2.5 stable I do not have this option either.

Well that done the trick, stopped OH, deleted /var/lib/openhab2/cache, config, jsondb and tmp, then restarted OH, all is good. The option to choose bitmap/vector icons is still missing, but at least they are all showing up again.

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But where’s the options gone? Or are they no longer needed?


Users who use a lot of PaperUI to define items, things yada yada.
By deleting “jsondb” you will delete all items, things yada yada


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The only time I ever use PaperUI is to choose my UI options. I can’t stand it otherwise, do all my config hand editing the text files.

I no longer have the options, but by flushing cache/tmp et al (see above) and restarting my old icons are showing up again.

I installed a clean OH2.5 (rather than upgrade) and copied in rules, sitemaps, icons etc. My custom icons (png) seem to work in both ClassicUI and BasicUI okay.

Options for UI icon selection seem to have disappeared from Habmin too.

Yes that’s you :slight_smile: many “pro” users like manual configuration more then PaperUI but it’s still recommended for new users.
So my warning/advice is/was not directly to you but more in general.

Just damage prevention for users that might not know it and just follow along the solution :slight_smile:


It is amazing how many people try random solutions without even understanding anything about system concepts.

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Common we all have been there. :smiley:
Copied some magic foo from the internet to solve a problem we are stuck at.

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No random solution, nor magic foo from the internet. Attacking me for a solution that actually worked, real class guys.

I’ve been using OH for at least 7 - 8 years, flushing the cache and tmp stuff has cured many ills on upgrades of bindings and/or OH itself. I mentioned in my original response to Bruce that was something I was going to try, why didn’t he pipe up then instead of attacking me after the event doesn’t make much sense.

Also never used PaperUI, I detest it, so didn’t know about jsondb being critical to those that choose to try and take the easy way out.

HABmin does this too, In fact, discovering complex Things like -Wave devices is strongly recommended over manually created Things due to the manual entries being so error prone.

Sorry I think you totally misunderstood me and @Bruce_Osborne :fearful:
I never (also @Bruce_Osborne), never intended to attack you in any way!
(Sorry @Bruce_Osborne if I now just speak/write for you but I 100% believe you will agree)

I never said your solution is bad, wrong, magic or anything like this.
Not at all! Your solution is the solution to your specific problem. No doubt!

I just wanted to state a warning for Users who are not that skilled and use PaperUI.
In no way I wanted to cause a bad feeling on your behalf, and if I did I am truly sorry for that.

All I wanted to do is prevent damage for other users.

With my last post:

I include myself with this, I did it and many other people done it too. StackOverflow copy-paste - “Hey that worked!” At least I can relate to that very well :slight_smile:
You where not meant by that.

I think you are referring to this:

This was NOT targeted towards you, not at all! It was targeted to the users who will just copy-paste a solution without understanding the consequences.
The users I wanted to warn.

So I hope this can clear out some bad feelings.
I never intended to hurt you in any way, and if I did I am very sorry.
I hope this can clear up some bad communication on my behalf.

Cheers and sorry again,