[solved] LGTV-Binding, TV with new IP

I was always using the lgtv-binding and it was working so far.
Now I reorganized my hole network at home and so the TV got another IP-adress.
I changed it in lgtv.cfg for the binding-configuration but when ich try to get the (new) pairing key the log says
“[binding.lgtv.internal.LgtvConnection] - IO Exception at Connection to:
But this is the old IP of the TV…
I was cleaning the cache of openhab2, but still the same result.

Anyone an idea where to look why openhab2 still tries connecting to the old IP-adress?

Look for lgtv.config which is a kind of cache for 1.x bindings. Stop openHAB, delete that, restart and it will be recreated from lgtv.cfg

Thanks, that was working :slight_smile: