[SOLVED] - Log access issue after upgrade to 2.4.0-1

Hi all, got upgraded to 2.4. When I launch to the start page, where you see all the apps, like paper ui, habmin, etc… and I try to launch the log page :9001 it says its not reachable. I checked the var/log/openhab2 folder the logs are there. What do think changed?


That service isn’t actually controlled by openHAB. It’s a separate program called Frontail installed by openHABian for your convenience, but except for the link on the Dashboard and the fact that it gets configured to follow your OH logs, it has nothing to do with OH.

This means that either Frontail crashed sometime in or around the upgrade or somehow it ended up being stopped. From the command prompt try running sudo systemctl start frontail and see if it comes back online. If not, try reinstalling it from openhabian-config.

Thanks @rikoshak ! That worked! Added to my notes!