[Solved]Log shows Exec working, but no display on GUI

Hi, I made an Item like:

Switch On_WLAN "MyPhone" (GroupPhone) { exec="<[configurations/scripts/ping.sh*?))]" }
The log shows: " “On_WLAN state updated to On”, however the switch isn’t set to ON. Why?

Are you sure that On_WLAN is indeed not set to ON or is it just not showing the most recent status on the sitemap? If you browse to another frame and come back or reload the page does it now reflect as being ON? In OH 1 there is a known problem where in the phone clients in particular Items do not always update automatically to reflect changes on the server.

How to be sure?
The log Shows that “On_WLAN state updated to ON”, using my humble knowledge I would say the Switch is set to On. However the displayed Switch on the GUI isn’t showing that, even after (multiple) reloads or browsing to other Frames.
When switching on the GUI the log Shows the revieved command (I know this won’t “do” anything).

My question is: Is the used Syntax for the item correct, or should there be something like:

Switch On_WLAN "MyPhone" [$s] (GroupPhone) { exec="<[configurations/scripts/ping.sh*?))]" }

Found the solution myself.
I had to use String instead of Switch.

String On_WLAN "MyPhone" (GroupPhone) { exec="<[configurations/scripts/ping.sh*?))]" }