[SOLVED] Logic home ZDB5100 Z-wave unknown device

Just started using openhab, installed habian on an raspberry pi 4, no problems there.
I have invested in a new switch from Logic Home that I would love to get working,
Matrix ZDB5100 : https://logic-group.com/products/matrix-switches/#MatrixDBtab

When including the device “Thing type label” says Unknown device.

When I look at the database here:

it seems as there is some information missing about the device, can anyone shed some light to what is missing, maybe I can facilitate the information from the manufacturer.


Manufacturers many times use different device ID information for the same model. The warning in the database is not usually a critical issue.
What version of openHAB are you running? Your version may be too old to include this device.

The device was added about three months ago, you will need a recent 2.5 zwave snapshot binding to make it work:

I am on openHAB 2.4.0-1 (Release Build) installed with openhabian.

I will try the manual update of the binding to see if that helps.


It will :grinning:

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It did solve my problem!
Thanks a lot, now I can get on with my learning off Openhab :smiley: