[SOLVED] LOGIN/LOGOUT with OpenHab (it's not possible to create customable login page)

I’d done following this instruction to create my openhab protected. Actually, it did protect my openhab, but i didnt see any logout button.
Is it possible to create a login page or logout button? just being curious hehe

I don’t think so. I think you are logged in until you close your browser, clear your browser cache, or a day passes.

thanks @rlkoshak, so its not possible to create customable login page with openhab itself

That is correct.

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It would be possible to invalidate those credentials stored in the browser according to this. It explains that using JavaScript you can send false credentials to the Server which would result in the Browser clearing the old credentials. When it gets back the 401 Not Authorized response it would ask the user to log in again. This might not be perfect but this is way better than staying logged in.