[SOLVED] Logitech Harmony Light Buttons (Hue compatible) to control IKEA lightbulbs paired with Tradfri Gateway

I’m missing something here :slight_smile:

I have a working OpenHab2 installation (latest stable) with a IKEA Tradfri Gateway and some IKEA bulbs connected. (using the Tradfri Binding ofc). No problem.

But I also have a Logitech Companion (remote and hub) that supports a connection to a Philips Hue bridge to switch on/off Hue-connected bulbs and power outlets.

So how can i make the Logitech remote control some of my IKEA bulbs?

I have installed the Hue Emulation Service, and the Logitech Hub finds/pairs to it without problems, but HOW do I get my IKEA bulbs there? Can they be paired to both my Tradfri Gateway and the HUE Emulator Service?

Any hints is most appreciated.


Kalle Larsson

I’m using the Hue-Emulation 2.5 Binding and i’m controlling some homematic lights with the Logitech companion.

You only have to tag your Ikea bulbs with “SWITCHABLE” or “LIGHTNING”.

After your items are loaded again, you logitech HUB should find them as HUE lamps, and then it is possible to map them on the companion remote.

I’m using a “proxy” item for the companion, so i’m able to control 2 bulbs with one button.

Press_short and press_long will toggle two bulbs.

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Worked like a charm!
1000 thanks.


@Vradatta @kalle1024

The tag is [ “Lighting” ] and not [ “Lightning” ] . :wink:


Hi, I am trying to do the same thing – control Trådfri lights with the lighting buttons on a Harmony remote. I have installed the latest openhabian image with the bindings for Harmony and Trådfri, and the Hue emulation service. I can turn the lights on and off, dim and adjust colour temperature as needed using controls in openhab. I can also see the emulated Hue controller from the Logitech Harmony app, but no lights in it.
What I’m not getting is how to “tag” the Trådfri devices so that the Harmony sees them as Hue devices. Where do I put this “tag” and how? So far I’ve been doing all the configuring via the PaperUI, but I can’t find anywhere in that to add a “tag”.