[SOLVED] Looking for help setting up OH2...again

I’m looking for help get to my Oh2.4 up and running again? I had everything running before and my system crashed. Now I 'm back to square 1. I have tried to recreate what I had done before in Paper UI but things aren’t working. My ESP’s are running tasmota 6.4.1 so from what I have been reading maybe I need to drop back to an earlier version. I have a light switch and 3 temp sensors I would like to get working again.

Currently, I have my RPi 2 B+ loaded with the demo package in OH2, MQTT 2 is up and running. I have created the switch in Paper UI and it toggles a relay ON/OFF via ESP8266 from the Control in Paper UI so I know the MQTT is working. I also see the changes in the MQTT.fx screen.

The last time I set this up, in Configuration >Things > OfficeLight the link button to light was showing unlinked and I could link it to the Office Ceiling light in the demo. This time it is showing linked. I’m thinking there is a field in the Channel Configuration that I missed or have set wrong. I have been searching for the last several days and reading about MQTT as to what I should be entering in those fields. I wish there was a demo to walk you through what to enter in these fields to get this working.
A lot of the information that I have found is 1 to 2 years old or doesn’t seem to apply to the newer version of OH and MQTT.

I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer.


Found the problem

It sure would be nice and helpful to future readers of this forum if you posted the solution.

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Under PAPER UI > SYSTEM > ITEM LINKING > SIMPLE MODE was turned on. I turned this to off and it allowed me to connect the switch and 3 temp sensors to items in the demo program.

In simple mode (turned ON), links and their according items are automatically created for new Things.
If the simple mode is turned OFF, the user has the full control about which items channels are linked to. Existing links will remain untouched.

In getting to this point, I am back to the error messages in the log file:

2019-01-29 21:50:47.705 [WARN ] [ofiles.JSonPathTransformationProfile] - Please specify a function and a source format for this Profile in the 'function' and 'sourceFormat' parameters. Returning the original state now.

2019-01-29 21:50:47.789 [WARN ] [ofiles.JSonPathTransformationProfile] - Please specify a function and a source format for this Profile in the 'function' and 'sourceFormat' parameters. Returning the original state now.

I know it has something to do with how I have set the switch and 3 sensors up in OH2 but I’m still reading to try and find an answer.


The problem stems from your attempt to set up a Profile. See https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/items.html#profiles for some details.

Forgive me for not understanding. So what you are saying is I need to make changes in the Item file for the sensors and switch I have added? I am currently working with the Demo project and just trying to make my sensors work with what is already there. So does the Paper UI create profiles when things are entered or is that one of the fields I needed to fill in in Paper UI when I set up the sensors? I did read about the profiles as you suggested.

I really can’t answer because I haven’t looked at the demo in over three years. All I can say is based on the warnings you have at least one Item that has an improperly formed profile configuration for a JSONPATH transformation. If you search for JSONPATH perhaps that will tell you what Item(s) are causing the problem.

Since I added the JSON information in the Paper UI screen, can I assume that is where I need to make corrections?

Forgive me for all the questions! I have been working on OH for several months to finally get to this point. I’m not sure if I need to be putting the information in the Paper UI screen, entering the code in the Item file or both. Would you be willing to help me set up just **one **sensor in OH to give me a reference as to what to enter to make this work? Once I get one figured out, I will be able to add more in the future.

Understandably if you don’t have the time, that is ok too. It didn’t hurt to ask.

Thank you for the information.



Personally, what I would recommend is starting over with a clean OH config instead of trying to build on the demo at this point.

It’s really hard to help given you are starting with a baseline that has so much already configured and you have gone in and modified things here and there. It’s just not something that can be managed remotely though a forum.

But, if you take what you learned from the demo and start a new system, which is how the demo is intended to be used I think, then you will have far less going on and it will be easier to isolate the changes that cause problems.

The general approach is:

  1. install the binding
  2. configure the binding
  3. create needed Things that represent the device, can be auto-discovered where supported or manual
  4. create the Items that will represent the sensors/actuators of the device
  5. link the proper Channels of the Thing to the Items
  6. build a users UI (sitemaps or HABPanel) with those Items to see and control them