[SOLVED] Looking for Plugin power switches

I have been looking at smart plugs for some of our outlets around the house. I ran across this site from PC magazine that covered smart plugs. I was wondering how you would know if the plugs you buy will work with OH2? Any incites on this would be appreciated.


John Frankforther

First thing to check is that the magazine is relevant to your region.

If it’s a US magazine and they’re recommending Tuya and shelly, they’re not application to Oceania regions etc.

Then once you know it’s available in your region, you’ll then need to check if each product is supported (and has the features you care about - local control, no cloud, etc).

A further thought to check before is how they are controlled, and what you would like to work with

I recently bought a devolo home based on ZWave. Because I already use ZWave for other features.

I looked at the different brands and looked at the bindings available in OH2 then picked the TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini. Plugged it in, downloaded the app and connected. Then loaded the TP-LINK binding in OH, system found the plug and everything is working. All with in about 5 minutes of pulling it from the box.

John Frankforther