[SOLVED] [MAP Xform] Warn on string transformation

So the JSON API of my octoprint pi gets me the following error transforming the state of it with map:

  "current": {
    "baudrate": 0, 
    "port": "AUTO", 
    "printerProfile": "_default", 
    "state": "Printing from SD"


Operational=bereit zu drucken
Printing from SD=druckt von SD Karte
Cancelling=Druck abgebrochen
Pausing=Druck pausiert

logreader is getting me this error, why?:

2018-11-29 19:21:19.710 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - lR_lwE changed from 2018-11-29 19:21:18.866 [WARN ] [pse.smarthome.core.items.GenericItem] - failed notifying listener 'org.eclipse.smarthome.io.rest.sitemap.internal.PageChangeListener@17f533c' about state update of item OctoprintPrinterHotEndTemp: null to 2018-11-29 19:21:19.121 [WARN ] [rm.AbstractFileTransformationService] - Could not transform 'Printing from SD' with the file 'ender.map' : Target value not found in map for 'Printing from SD'

You need to escape spaces with \

Printing\ from\ SD=druckt von SD Karte
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thanks alot, that did it!

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