[SOLVED] Mappings to sensible message

Hello all!

I have the following item:

Contact Hallway_Motion “Hallway [%s]” (Hallway, Motion){zwave=“3:0:command=sensor_binary,respond_to_basic=true”}

And in my sitemap:

Text item=Hallway_Motion icon=“present”

And it shows up like this:

For the hallway motion sensor I’d like it to say “Movement detected” or “All quiet” instead of reporting the state of the contact on the PIR.

How do I do that?


Contact Hallway_Motion "Hallway [MAP(motion.map):%s]" (Hallway, Motion){zwave="3:0:command=sensor_binary,respond_to_basic=true"}


CLOSED=All quiet
OPEN=Movement detected

Perfect; thanks!

I knew it had to be mappings or map, just couldn’t figure out where to put it to show for a text item…

Thanks again!

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