(SOLVED) Max! Binding - Cube and thermostat online but no data?!

I have a Max! Cube and a thermostat basic in use but I can’t get it work.

Both are correctly added as things and confirm they are online. The problem is, that the thermostat didn’t send any data.

I have items for e.g. the actual data (added automatically), but my habpanel shoes only NULL or 0. The logs also show no errors…

I also tried to do the config in a .things and .items file. Same result. Things and items were here and online. But no data…

Is it a must to configure the cube before using with the max!software via pc? I didn’t do this because I don’t have a Windows pc.

Yes it is.

So I used a Windows pc and installed the max! Software. It connected we’ll and could find the cube and the thermostat too.

After all I looked in my paper UI. Still no data :(. Deleting and a new search of all the items and things (only max) didn’t help. But I saw that the thermostat now automatically has the name I have in the software. Everything seems good as before. All online and no errors…

Did I missed any step?

I also wondered because I see the thermostat with a temperature of 23°c in the max software but if I look on it there are still the 7°c I chose with the wheel.

Curious oO

Note thermostats will only ever send status information (temperature) after the valve turned.
(you can enforce that by setting target temperature from within OH).

Can’t tell if your setup is right.
Can you control the thermostats from within OH ?
Have you enabled binding logging ? Set org.openhab.binding.max to debug level.
In general, you should not use auto-creation of items. Use autodiscovery for things but definition in files for items.

Thanks for your help. Now it seems to work correctly. I did the configuration again with the pc. It was lost I found out.

After this I did a new discovery in openhab. First the cube shows initializing and an error. But after I take off the power for a few seconds it was online. The thermostat too.

Now the channels show the data. Thanks :slight_smile: