[SOLVED] Milestone 4 - SystemInfo Issues

after updating from M3 to M4 i have the problem that my CPU load item does not show Pi3’s CPU usage. I’ve seen some remarkt after installation finished, but was not aware that it would not work at all. Tried reinstall of bindung, aso…nothing worked.

Is it still possible to get the CPU-Load, at least i see a channel for it…

Furthermore, something that never worked - like others commented as well here in the community, on Raspberry3 i have no group sensors where i could get the Temp or Voltage…is this still a bug or can someone tell me please what i need to do to make it finally work maybe in M4?

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Open an issue on GitHub?

I recall seeing that the channel was removed because the underlying lib no longer supports it. If you delete and readd the systeminfo thing, the channel likely won’t be there. There’s a post about this somewhere on the forum.

Edit: here.

I almost asked whether they checked the Warnings displayed when upgrading.

not sure if i get it…
" The cpu#load channel is removed because its data is no longer provided by oshi. The load1 , load5 and load15 channels can be used instead."

What does it mean, there should be other channels available that work? I do not see any of them. And what is behind load1, load4, load15? Does anybody know?

Furthermore, is there somebody arround that is able to see “sensor channel group” that would lead to CPU voltage and temp? Thanks a lot Norbert

I think they are CPU load for the previous 1 minute, 5 minute, & 15 minute intervals.

ah OK, but Bruce do you see these mentioned channels? Shouldn’t they be arround in 2.5M4 systemInfo binding?

I have not looked in my VM for those.

They are advanced so click the “Show More” button to show them :slight_smile:

They also show after clicking the “Show More” button and are just above those load channels:


Jesus - big thanks. stupid mistake. Yes now i see the additional groups…

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He posted on here? I missed it.

But there is not CPU Load in % like it was.
Is not available more?