[SOLVED] Minor issue Sitemap status legend


Since I updated to 2.5, I have to say that eveything work pretty much better than previous version, at least for my setup, the binding are much solid and works great.

Only I have realized that since then, I see the status of the switches, in some of them and other not.

How can I remove it?

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 19.06.46

My sitemaps is like this:

Switch item=shelly_1 label="Salon zona TV" icon="wallswitch"
Switch item=shelly_2 label="Salon zona comedor" icon="wallswitch"
Switch item=shelly_3 label="Estudio A" icon="wallswitch"
Switch item=shelly_4 label="Estudio B" icon="wallswitch"
Switch item=shelly_7 label="Vestidor" icon="wallswitch"
Switch item=shelly_5 label="Estudio" icon="wallswitch"

Depending on bindings, Items may or may not get given default state text.

You’ve asked for no particular state formatting, so you get the default (if any).

You can suppress the default state display with an empty format.
label=“some text []”
in sitemap line, or similar in Item label field if you prefer.