[SOLVED] MIOS item generator fails with CURL 23

when using the item generator (which I have tracked down to /openhab1-addons/bundles/binding/org.openhab.binding.mios/examples/scripts after cloning
I get an error. debug shows me the following:
bash -x ./miosLoad.sh (this is correct ip. i can view the vera data in a browser using the following URL:

This is the debug output:

  • ‘[’ 1 ‘!=’ 1 ‘]’
  • MIOS_IP=
  • export MIOS_IP
  • MIOS_OUT=user_data.xml
  • export MIOS_OUT
  • echo ‘Loading MiOS Unit Metadata from…’
    Loading MiOS Unit Metadata from…
  • curl --max-time 15 --output user_data.xml --silent ‘
  • ‘[’ 23 == 0 ‘]’
  • echo ‘Failed to load, Check IP Address supplied.’
    Failed to load, Check IP Address supplied.

The error text is misleading. But the CURL error 23 implies a permissioning issue. I am using openhabian.

Can anyone help?

I have fixed this by running the fix permissions in the console (I think!)