[SOLVED] Moving Root back to SD or just switch the USB device?

im running Openhabian and used the “Move root to USB option” a few weeks ago. First i used a Sandisk USB stick, but got a HDD now, which i want to use.

Do i have to move the root back to SD first? (If so, how do i do this?)

If i dont have to do this, can i just swap the devices and reboot the Pi?

Try Mini Partition Tool in order to copy partitions, e.g from USB Stick to the hdd

And after that just switch devices?

correct, just shutdown openhab service first then shutdown raspberry. Once stopped power off raspberry and replace USB and attach HDD, then power it on again.

That worked like a charm!
Thanks Marcus

Just two more questions:

  1. Is there any Linux command to check if OH is using the HDD?
  2. Im totally new to openHab and Linux… if you move the root to HDD, the only thing the SD Card is used for is booting? Logs and everything are written to the HDD?!
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I can’t remember the file it is in the boot partition and it specifies what drive to pull data from.

The best way to be sure is remove the files from the sd card this way it won’t boot if the wrong drive is pointed at.

On my pi i only have two bootloader files on the sd card and make a full image on the ssd. This way all data is on the hard drive. I learned this from the pi forum. I was having trouble booting with no sd card.

To check what’s mounted you can type mount or df on command line it should give clues as to what is mounted where.