[SOLVED] MQTT and Sonoff

Hi everyone,

I need a little bit help…

This is the output in the console of the Sonoff device when i type status 2

13:38:54 MQT: stat/2OG/JZ/Globus/STATUS2 = {"StatusFWR":{"Version":"5.14.0","BuildDateTime":"2018.05.23 21:07:34","Boot":31,"Core":"2_4_1","SDK":"2.2.1(cfd48f3)"}}

Now I will try to show a string in a sitemap with the actual version number of this sonoff device. I tried this item code but nothing happens…

String JZGlobusT                        "Test [%s]"                                             <sonoff2>           (gSonoff)           {mqtt="<[mosquitto:tele/2OG/JZ/Globus/STATUS2:state:JSONPATH($.StatusFWR.Version)]"}

What should I do???

Your item needs to be like:

String  Sonoff_Version "Sonoff Version: [%s]" <sonoff_basic> { mqtt="<[opusMQTT:stat/sonoff_TH/STATUS2:state:JSONPATH($.StatusFWR.Version)]"}

In my case status2 reads:
MQT: stat/sonoff_TH/STATUS2 = {"StatusFWR":{"Version":"5.13.1",.....

it works…

Thank you

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How will i do this???

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