[SOLVED] MQTT binding and TLS

Hello all,

I wanted to use the mqtt binding of openhab to connect to a cloud mqtt broker.
I know that tcp connection works but for such external connections I very much prefer to use encryption. I am not sure if the mqtt binding supports secure connections.

I have some other topics where we are instructed to create a java keystore, create a pair of certs etc etc but it is not needed in my case. As I am using the client to connect to a server in the cloud I only need to trust the server’s certificate so basically I need to have their root cert in openhab’s trustore.
Is this possible ? What’s the cert truststore of openhab ? I do not want to create a certificate myself because the cloud server does not need it

Any thoughts on how I could go about doing it ?

This exactly what I needed to do to connect to the cloud store
Your link is the way to go.

indeed you are right. After carefully going over it, I realized that it was relevant to what i wanted to do.

Many thanks for the quick confirmation