[SOLVED] MQTT Binding with Sonoff RF Bridge don't work

Hello, so far I get along great with openHAB.

Now I wanted to control my screen with MQTT. I have the binding set up. With mqtt.fx I can send the commands and the screen does what it should.

The command with MQTT is: cmnd/sonoff/Rfkey #FBC424 to move up the screen.
To move them down: cmnd/sonoff/Rfkey #FBC422

I have set up an MQTT broker named MQTTBrokerBasic
Can someone help me how the command in openHAB is?

When using the version 2 MQTT binding you need to create a broker thing which acts as bridge between your MQTTBrokerBasic and the mqtt things controlled via openHAB. This broker thing needs to be setup with the credentials of your broker.
Secondly you need to create a generic mqtt thing which would send the command. This thing should select your broker thing as the bridge and it needs a switch channel which is setup with your comandtopic ( I guess that would be “cmnd/sonoff”) and your custom On and Off value ( the Rfkey…)


A big thank you to you.

That was my fault. Now everything goes as it should.
The community is just great here.
Fast and easy help.

Thank you!

Hi all,

I’m struggling with the above topic likewise, as I migrate all MQTT things using the MQTT2 binding in preparation of Openhab3 and hope that anyone can help me.
The discussion here helped a lot, but the example on the RF Bridge doesn’t bring me further.

In my system MQTT2 is setup and running along MQTT1 for the time being
I’m able to operate all things on MQTT2, except the Sonoff RF Bridge.

Would maybe someone be able to share an advise how the item/thing needs to be configured, if the below was my MQTT1 config?

Switch RF433_Light_Kitchen "Licht Herd" <light> (EG_Light_Alle, Lights, EG_Licht_Kueche, EG_Kitchen)    	{ mqtt=">[broker:cmnd/sonoff-bridge/Backlog:command:ON:RfSync 10920; RfLow 390; RfHigh 1050; RfCode #000015],
            >[broker:cmnd/sonoff-bridge/Backlog:command:OFF:RfSync 10890; RfLow 390; RfHigh 1050; RfCode #000014]" , alexa="PowerController.powerState"}

Thanks in advance!

This page provides a guide for transitioning v1 to v2: