[SOLVED] [MQTT] - Error processing MQTT message

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post your onoff.map plz

Switch item=Robo500 mappings=[ON="ON", OFF="OFF"]

this is for the sitemap and it should be ok. This will work also: Switch item=Robo500

you shouldn’t need a map.

note: there was a mistake in the Item definition

try this: (with Switch added in front and no transformation at the end)

Switch Robo500 "Robo 500" switch <siren> { mqtt=">[mosquitto:openhab/out/Robo500/command:command:*:default], <[mosquitto:openhab/in/Robo500/state:state:default]" }

now it seems to work, I continue with the development of the project trying to understand the error.
thank you very much

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cool! good luck!

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