[SOLVED] Mqttitude (Owntracks) 1.x addon work only with mqtt 1.x

I’ve search a lot on the new mqtt 2.x created recently and use it for my renew installment and it’s awesome but…

Trying to make work my Mqttitude is not working at all.
It’s look like mqttitude 1.x is connecting properly to my local mqtt via the new mqtt V2 but it do not receive any updates… should I make an Channel for it !!?

So on last resort I’ve finally install Mqtt V1 addons with another mqtt connection name and everything fire up as perfect “regions, manual home, ect…”

How should I proceed to subscribe properly old Mqttitude V1.x to new MQTT V2.x ???
Tank you for all your wonderful work! Looking forward to remove obsolete mqtt binding

A quick search using the key word “move Mqtt 1.x to 2.x” and you’ll find several examples and guides.

As far as I remember there is a replacement binding that calls itself differently now. But forgot the name


yes… same addons same version both name

One binding exist for name owntrack or mqttitude no V2

I switched to using the GPSTracker binding when I upgraded to the MQTT V2 binding.


It’s using HTTP instead of MQTT.

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Yes, which is why I use this simple rule to “bridge” from MQTT to HTTP for GPSTracker:

rule "Owntracks"
    Item Mobile_Owntracks changed
    val String gpsLoggerUrl = ''
    val String json = (Mobile_Owntracks.state as StringType).toString
    sendHttpPostRequest(gpsLoggerUrl, "application/json", json)

The Mobile_Owntracks item is bound to the MQTT Owntracks topic my phone sends to.

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why? You can set owntracks into HTTP mode.

I use Zanzito (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.barbaro.zanzito) on my phone which only supports MQTT.

Wow! Why din’t I saw that!!!

Really a lot more flexible! Still playing with it but it’s solve my first very old problem: not being able to make Owntracks working while m’y cellphone is on same Lan of my local mosquitto… tanks to “myopenhab.org Owntracks http post” instead of mqtt

Still trying to make a switch working for distance and geofence trigger but it is very more cool!
For shure it’s for more techies but hey! I’m here for that!

Tanks alot! :smiley:

Yeah but the problem here is the openhab plugin for positioning…
My mqtt is working flawless

Because Other stuff can use the Owntrack MQTT information like a (Harry Potter Hogwart people emplacements clock arduino/Ethernet) héhé. But yes we could probably use openhab switches or selector updated by GPStracker for that too.

MQTT is powerful an local too… if myopenhab.org have problems there nothing we can do…

You can expose the http of gpstracker without need to use myopenhab. Just need to properly set up security. The only dislike I have of using gps tracker vs the owntracks binding is that any time you restart openhab it takes a few transitions for the system to ‘learn’ and be able to apply your presence switches. This is rather annoying in my opinion as I use BLE beacons and would rather it just process the enter and leave even that first time. Aside from that design its been running great.

Which kind of beacon?
I’ve totally abandon this idea… it’s expensive !

I apologize for the very slow response. I use bluetooth BLE beacons. I have some raspberry pis set up to broadcast and then within the owntracks app I configured my region to be linked with that beacon ID rather than a location. I use this with IOS phones. Not sure if androids can be set up this way as well.