[SOLVED] Multiple Kodi things keep changing IPs

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I have two Kodi media centers and have both listed as things however one of my kodi things keeps changing IPs to the other one - is there any way to stop this?

Did you try to disable auto discovery?



Give both Kodi’ static ip from the router, to be sure that plugin will know them.

edit: Actually, this problem will be recurring in other UPNP ‘clients’ - if one kodi box is image (clone) of the other, they will have same uuid (identification code). To fix this, you should login into box by ssh/telnet and edit uuid in:



Ok that might be it as I did copy userdata from one to the other

Will try this and report back

Hey @Vlad1024 - can confirm that my things have stayed put since changing the uuid in upnpserver - you actually have solved a long standing mystery that since I brought the other Kodi instance into the mix, I was never able to cast to either device from my Windows 10 box - which now works as well - same issue! Thanks for your advice.

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