[solved] Multiple my.openhab users

I’m trying to connect 2 different users to the same openhab controller.
I’ve registered 2 emails in the portal and set id and secret in the control panel of each user.

The first user registered is working fine but the second show the controller offline.

Is it possible to connect multiple users to the same controller? I would like to do that because I would like to have different push notification depending to each user.

[quote=“alberto.vincenzi, post:1, topic:6124, full:true”]
… and set id and secret in the control panel of each user.[/quote]

How did you do that?
UUID and SECRET are created just once in your openhab installation and need to be set up under "Account"
Then create as many users as you like and set up the notifications.

Or did you forget to put that second user into the settings of habdroid on your second smartphone (assuming you are using Android)?

I registered a second user in my.openhab in the same way I created the first, then I’ve put UUID and SECRET in the control panel (in my.openhab) of each user.

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When I log into my.openhab there is only ONE place (under “Account”) where you can store the UUID and SECRET. This is common for both (or even more) users.

But anyway, to make that work (I have also two users for different notifications) I did the following:

  • add a user, give him/her a password and provide an email adress
  • add the next user, give him/her a password and provide a different email address
  • add the first user to the first smartphone, set his/her username and password
  • add the next user to the second smartphone, set his/her username and password
  • check in my.openhab under “Devices” if both smartphones are present
  • edit one of the rules: sendNotification("firstuser@domain.de", "Testmessage first user")
  • edit another rule: sendNotification("nextuser@domain.de", "Testmessage next user")

That works for me.

Good luck.

Thanks… it was my mistake: instead of creating a user from the control panel, I’ve created it using a new registration.

Glad it works!

Have fun.

I didi this and I am able to get notifications on the first user that happen to be the same of the account. I created a new user under the account but his device is not added, therefore is not able to receive notifications. What i am missing?

I can not check it because I don’t use it anymore. The service was unreliable and I changed to a paid service.
I assume there is something wrong with the second device, it looks like it cannot connect to my.openhab. Double check the correct remote url and username and password.