[SOLVED] Multisensor 6 not recognised


I have problems with my Aeotec Multisensor 6 as it is not recognised

Attached the screenshot from OH2.4

Any idea? I can’t upgrade the firmware as I’m running Mac and the upgrade utility requires windows.

I had lots of trouble to get this one recognized also.
I had to manually wake it up 10 times
It was recognized afterwards

Thanks for the hint.

I connected to a USB port and push the button in the back and that made it work.

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careful because: it makes a difference on how you include this node to your Z-Wave network
if you include it using power: it will stay on all the time and report much more frequently
if you include it using battery: it will go to sleep and awake on a pre-defined period and report less frequently

if you include it using power and then swap to batteries: it will kill your batteries

This is about inclusion to the Z-Wave USB Stick, not to the Z-Wave Binding though

More info on: https://aeotec.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/6000115071-difference-between-usb-and-battery-power-and-recommendations-multisensor-6-zw100-

edit: If you had included it in your Z-Wave network using batteries and then used power to help it wake it up, you should be ok since it is using the “battery” profile… not 100% sure about all of the above :stuck_out_tongue: