[SOLVED] Mute Sonos on phone call, need ideas

Hi everyone

I would like to create a rule that mutes the Sonos speaker in my office when I get a phone call on my android phone.
My first approach was using IFTTT but the functionality is very limited (I think I was only able to create an action when you pick up, not when the phone is only ringing) and the update takes way to long to be useful.

Any other ideas how I can achieve that?
I’ve got Tasker installed, maybe it’s possible to call a script on OH2 and send a command ?

Thanks a lot

With Tasker you can make REST API calls into OH using the HTTP action to sendCommand to your Sonos Item or a Proxy Item.

There is also an MQTT plugin for Tasker that will let you send messages to OH that way which might be attractive if you already have MQTT in your home automation setup. There was one limitation with it but I can’t remember what it was. I used the MQTT plugin to Tasker to send a message to OH to trigger my garage door openers.

If you’ve got a fritzbox as router you could forward your android to your home phone and use the fritzbox binding and a rule that reacts on incomming calls. Would react instandly and you wouldn’t need extra apps on the android phone.

Thanks s lot. I don’t own a Fritzbox. But the REST API should work perfectly, just did a quick test :slight_smile: thanks a lot

Works perfectly. Not sure how the events are called in the English version of tasker but there is an event for “ringing” and one for “idle”.
As task, I simply use a HTTP Post of type “text/plain” to mute and one to unmute.
And again, I’m pleasantly surprised how fast OH2 is. The music mutes even before I hear the first sound of the ringtone itself! :sunglasses:

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