[SOLVED] My Color Temperature Light does not work

I am setting my OH2.4 up for the first time, and are adding my more than 30 Trådfri bulbs.

All my Dimmable Lights work, but none of my Color Temperature Lights work. I can see all bulbs in my inbox, and when I add them as Things, they all go on-line right away. But when I make Items, no events ever gets passed around for Col Temp Lights, while I can see all events for the Dim Lights with no problems.

I would appreciate any help or any suggestions on how to debug!

Col Temp Light, does NOT work:
Switch Stue_Lys_Sofa “Stue lys, sofa” { channel=“tradfri:0100:gwdcefcabdxxxx:65571:brightness” }
Dimmer Stue_Lys_Sofa_Daemper “Stue lys, sofa” { channel=“tradfri:0100:gwdcefcabdxxxx:65571:brightness” }

Dim Light, DOES work:
Switch Sovevaerelse_Lys_Hylde “Soveværelse lys, hylde” { channel=“tradfri:0100:gwdcefcabdxxxx:65575:brightness” }
Dimmer Sovevaerelse_Lys_Hylde_Daemper “Soveværelse lys, hylde dæmper” { channel=“tradfri:0100:gwdcefcabdxxxx:65575:brightness” }

the Col Temp Lights all are at 1.2.217, while the Dim Lights all are at 1.2.214, if that matters. The gateway is at 1.4.15.

Is there a way to get some info from the Trådfri binding? I tried
log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.tradfri
but did not see any messages at all from tradfri.


Hi Jesper,

please have a look at the TRÅDFRI binding docs.

As it seems your using .items files for your items and not the PaperUI?
You need to define your color bulbs as Colour Temperature Light or even Extended Colour Light within your items.
Currently you defined your color lights as as basic dimmable light with the thing type 0100.
Please try to change this thing type to 0200 or 0210.

For example:

Switch Stue_Lys_Sofa “Stue lys, sofa” { channel=“tradfri:0210:gwdcefcabd28e7:65571:color” }
Dimmer Stue_Lys_Sofa_Daemper “Stue lys, sofa” { channel=“tradfri:0210:gwdcefcabd28e7:65571:color” }

By the way: Please have a look at this thread that describes how to put your code into tags to make it easier to read.

kind regards

Edit: Changed the thing types because they´re a little bit different to the hue binding :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply, and sorry for the missing code tag :slight_smile:

However, according to the documentation, what you write gores for “Extended Color Light”, NOT for “Color Temperature Light”. Also, I copy the channel strings from Paper UI, so I am pretty sure they are correct :wink:


Ahh, but what you write about 210 is a good hint. I should use 220!! Obviously I did not copy fully from Paper UI.

Thank you, it works now!

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I´m happy to help :wink: