[solved] My.openHAB/items show no items, but tab event log is OK


I just configure the my.openhab. The tab Event Log shows the items, but the tab my.openhab.org/items show no item.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance

You need to set up persistence, take a look at the docs.

I am having the same issues. And I have setup persistence. Using OpenHAB 1.8.

my persist file (myopenhab.persist) is as follows and very basic, where gOpenHAB is a group. I can see the labels in Habmin, but no data for them. :

Strategies {
default = everyChange

Items {
gMyOpenHAB* : strategy = everyChange

I don’t remember exactly but I think I have read something about using groups in my.openhab persistence that could cause problems … but I can’t find that post …

Did you try
* : strategy = everyChange
to see if that works?

i noticed that my items stopped updating around 7:16pm GMT last evening, and I think @belovictor is working on the service, and had to earlier turn off this feature briefly just a few days ago. So I suspect this might be what’s happening.

That’s a better explanation :sunglasses:

That’s what I am hoping. I did try just updating an individual item this morning to rule out an issue with groups, but it didnt update either.
I still would think I would see data in Habmin though, but I dont. I see the item labels, but that’s it.

Stopped working for me as well. I am on OpenHAB 1.7.1. Was okay yesterday and my IFTT recipe’s were working fine. Now configured items from my.openHAB are not visible on IFTTT so all my OpenHAB/IFTTT automation does not work .:worried:
Hope it comes back soon…:smile:

It is back already!

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Yep confirmed…That’s fast…Thanks a million…:slight_smile:

Yep. Working for me now too. Thanks! I stayed up way too late last night trying to figure out why this wasn’t working LOL.