[SOLVED] Myopenhab cloud connector 2.2 with custom port

Hi folks - I could use some help with the myopenhab cloud connector 2.2:
migrated or better blank installed from 2.1 to openhab 2.2, and noticed that now my “localport” is 8090.
Thats a problem as this port is already in use!
As a result of that: while the myopenhab account (correctly configured with uuid and secret) detects my instance as “online”, the “backlink” to eg. my sitemap or /rest/items is broken: on 8090 there is anothers service answering.

played around with the old-style configfile:

as well as entering localPort as a parameter in paperui - configuration - services - openhab cloud but still cannot get rid of that 8090 port:

[INFO ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Connected to the openHAB Cloud service (UUID = (myuuid) base URL = http://localhost:8090)

any hint is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

oh never mind - found it :slight_smile:
Typical: playing around for hours and hours and minutes after posting i solved it. Next time I’ll post earlier :slight_smile:

Hint for others: I grep’ed recursively over all openhab files and found a statically / hardcoded configured 8090 port in a startscript…